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Dr. Preeti Singh


Dr.Preeti Singh team member Swarn Ayurveda is a BAMS graduate from Delhi University. She is an Ayurveda practitioner with vast knowledge and exposure in the field of Ayurveda research, academics and clinical practice of specialized Ayurveda treatments and panchkarma procedures. 
Dr. Preeti Singh has experience in gynecology with specialized skills in menstrual problems, Pcod and infertility. She is providing quality rejuvenation programs, weight loss programs and herbal beauty treatments.

Medical expertise

 Gastric problems | Impotency| Kidney problems | Liver diseases | Male and female infertility | Memory loss | Mental counselling | Migraine | Obesity | Osteoarthritis | Panchkarma therapies I Herbal beauty treatments I Rejuvenation programs I Pcod

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