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Swarn Ayurveda

Dr. Ajay

B.A.M.S, M.D, P.hd

Dr. Ajay team member Swarn Ayurveda has an extensive experience spanning 10+ years, Correctly diagnosing a patient’s problem is the key to his excellence. Having healed thousands of patients, He has developed a strong sense of intuition a for patient’s problems. He can diagnose a patient’s problems by simply checking their pulse and analyzing their face. He is an expert in treating all kinds of complex chronic, degenerative and neuro-muscular problems through holistic healing offered by ayurvedic medicines.

Medical expertise

Arthritis | Bronchitis | Colitis | Degenerative disc | Facial paralysis | Impotency | Kidney problems | Liver diseases | Male and female infertility | Memory loss | Mental counselling | Osteoarthritis | Panchkarma therapies | Rheumatoid arthritis |

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