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Dr. Amit


Dr. Amit earned team member Swarn Ayurveda his (BAMS) at the prestigious S.B.M.N College in Rohtak. Today, Dr. Amit has treated hundreds of patients across all part of India and most parts of the globe. He is a competent doctor with extensive knowledge of Ayurvedic medicines & inter-personal skills and has been giving many programs on different TV channels. He has also written many articles on leading magazines and websites. He specializes in treating skin diseases and arthritis. He has sound knowledge of Panchkarma

Medical expertise

Arthritis  | Colitis I Gastric problems | Impotency | Internal and external haemorrhoids | Kidney problems | Liver diseases | Male and female infertility | Memory loss | Mental counselling | Migraine | Obesity | Osteoarthritis | Panchkarma therapies |Skin diseases

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