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Swarn Glamo ™

₹ 145

Swarn Glamo ™

स्वर्ण ग्लैमो ™

It is specially formulated to give you a radiant glowing skin

Swarn Glamo has healing and hydrating properties and is ideal to provide the dry skin with the much needed moisturisation. Use gel directly on your skin and dry patches and it will instantly provide a burst of hydration.Exfoliating the skin is important to get rid of dead cells and clear pores of grime. If you run out of your regular scrub, you can try Swarn Glamo  mixed with sugar granules for exfoliating the skin. It’s an all-natural and gentle way to exfoliate your skin.

Overnight nourishment for skin

Let Glamo work its wonder while you sleep. Massage your face, neck and hands using gel right before you hit bed. Glamo is non-oily and gentle and penetrates the skin layers providing deep moisturisation from within. Wake up to smooth, silky soft skin.

Hair moisturiser

Swarn Glamo can be a moisturising agent not only for the skin but also for the hair. It is gentle on hair and also easy to wash off. If your hair feels dry and rough, Glamo will come to the rescue. Grab your glamo gel and smooth it over the hair strands to cover well. Let it sit for 30 mins and wash off to reveal soft hair.


Net Content – 100gm

Direction For Use

Massage your face, neck and hands using  Swarn Glamo.



Very good Non sticky Best ever face gel i have used. Good results.

komal sharma

i love SwarnGlamo . It is very different from other Aloe vera based gel it is non- sticky and very easily absorbed in the skin. It gives u radiant skin as told by the company thank u swarn.